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Nattokinase. Vielversprechend bei Long COVID oder Post-Vaccine-Syndrom?

Nattokinase. Promising for Long COVID or Post-Vaccine Syndrome?

Nattokinase and Long COVID: A Promising Connection?

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, and while many people recover quickly after infection, others suffer from persistent symptoms known as Long COVID. These long-term effects vary in intensity and duration and can affect cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory and many other systems of the body. In search of solutions, scientists and medical professionals have investigated various therapeutic approaches, including the use of natural substances. One such substance that has come into focus is nattokinase.

What is nattokinase ?

Nattokinase is an enzyme obtained from "Natto", a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. In Japan, natto has been valued as a health-promoting food for centuries. Nattokinase has gained popularity in recent decades due to its potential health benefits, particularly in relation to cardiovascular health.

Nattokinase and cardiovascular health

Studies have shown that nattokinase has the ability to dissolve blood clots and thus promote blood circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The enzyme works by breaking down fibrin, a protein that plays a role in blood clotting.

The connection between nattokinase and long COVID

Some Long COVID patients report symptoms associated with circulation problems and increased levels of inflammation in the body. The spectrum of symptoms ranges from fatigue and shortness of breath to cognitive impairment. Since nattokinase has both anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic (clot-breaking) properties, it is reasonable to think that it could be helpful in treating such symptoms.

Some preliminary research and post-marketing experience suggest that nattokinase may help relieve some of the persistent symptoms of Long COVID, particularly those associated with cardiovascular problems.

Be careful and do further research

It is important to emphasize that although initial results are promising, large clinical trials are necessary to fully understand the safety and effectiveness of nattokinase in the treatment of Long COVID. As with all dietary supplements, people thinking of taking nattokinase should speak to a doctor or healthcare professional first, especially if they are already taking medications or have other health problems.

Long COVID represents a stressful challenge for many, and the medical community is committed to finding solutions to help those affected. Nattokinase, with its potential heart health benefits, may play a role in relieving some of these persistent symptoms. However, as with all new therapeutic approaches, caution is warranted and further research is urgently needed. It remains to be seen whether nattokinase actually has the potential to become a key to tackling Long COVID, but early signs are certainly encouraging.

Nattokinase and post-vaccine syndrome: A good approach?

The global vaccination campaign to combat COVID-19 has seen millions of people receive vaccines, which has been instrumental in containing the pandemic and slowing the spread of the virus. While the majority of those vaccinated experience few or minor side effects, there are reports of people suffering from persistent symptoms after vaccination - often referred to as post-vaccine syndrome (PVS). In this context, the enzyme nattokinase was also discussed as a potential source of support. But what exactly is nattokinase, and how could it help with PVS?

Post-vaccine syndrome: What we know

PVS is a term used to describe a range of symptoms that occur after vaccination and can last for a long period of time. Symptoms include fatigue, joint pain and cognitive impairment, among others. The exact cause of PVS is not yet fully understood, and there are different theories, including possible inflammatory reactions in the body.

Nattokinase and PVS

Given nattokinase's anti-inflammatory and clot-busting properties, it is speculated that this enzyme may help relieve some symptoms of PVS, particularly when inflammation and blood flow problems play a role.

Preliminary research suggests that nattokinase may promote blood circulation and modulate inflammatory responses in the body. These capabilities could theoretically help alleviate some of the symptoms of PVS, particularly when caused by inflammatory processes or circulatory disorders.

It is important to emphasize that research on nattokinase and PVS is still in its infancy. The findings to date are preliminary and often based on anecdotal reports or small studies. Thorough clinical studies are required before considering nattokinase as a therapeutic approach for PVS.

As with all dietary supplements, people thinking about taking nattokinase should only do so after consulting a doctor or other health care professional, especially if they are already taking other medications or have a health condition.


Post-vaccine syndrome is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that requires further research. Nattokinase, with its potential cardiovascular health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties, may offer a promising target for supporting PVS patients. However, as with all new therapeutic approaches, further investigation and critical evaluation of the data are necessary before definitive conclusions can be drawn.
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